Exciting new breast imaging technology coming soon!


We are very excited to announce a new technology arriving soon (early July) at our Desert Rose Women’s Center– Automated Breast Ultrasound. This technology will help detect breast cancer earlier and with more accuracy in dense-breasted women than mammography alone.

We will be updating you as we get closer with much more information, but here is some important information to get you started!


Five facts about dense breast tissue

  1. 40% of women have dense breast tissue.
  2. Breast density is one of the strongest predictors of the failure of mammography to detect cancer.
  3. Mammography misses every other cancer in dense breasts.
  4. Breast density is a well-established predictor of breast cancer risk.
  5. High breast density is a greater risk factor than having two first degree relatives with breast cancer.

The vast majority of women are unaware of the density of their breasts.

  1. 95% of women do not know their breast density.
  2. Less than one in 10 women learn about their dense breast tissue from their doctors.

Here is a video demonstrating the technology– it’s a great jumping off point to see that ABUS is SAFE, RADIATION-FREE, NON-INVASIVE, and PAINLESS:

All about ABUS– a breast cancer diagnosis breakthrough.



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