Patient information required can include dates or medical history that are more easily available to you at home, and by printing ahead of time you can fill out the form(s) at your leisure and bring to your appointment.

You may also want to review the preparations for your imaging study, or to save time on the day of your appointment. Print out the Patient Forms in this section that pertains to your procedure.

PREPARING for your Appointment

Exam Registration Forms

Please print and complete these forms at home, and bring the day of your exam

All patients must complete these forms before having their imaging study

Specific Imaging Study Form
Only patients having the named imaging study need to complete the corresponding forms

(When your CT or MRI exam calls for a contrast agent)

Medical Records Release Forms

To allow us to release your medical records you will need to complete this form:

Please use this form to request prior exam records from facilities other than SFI: