We love hearing from you!

We often get wonderful feedback from our patients, and today, we thought we would take the opportunity to post an email we received commending our awesome Medical Records team.

“i am writing with some good news about my interactions with lawrence, lee and sandra in medical records. they were efficient, helpful, timely, pleasant, and, when i couldn’t get a response from my doctor’s office, they put me through to speak to the radiologist who read my MRI. please let them know how pleased i am with the service they offered, and i hope there is some way you can acknowledge them for their good work.

all the best,
judith fein”

We truly appreciate Ms Fein’s letter, and we agree– our team is just super and they all truly care about making our patients’ visits as seamless and pleasant as possible. Thanks a million to Lawrence, Lee, and Sandra for their excellent service and thank you to Ms Fein and the many other patients who have provided feedback. You are all appreciated!

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