Preventive Screening

Preventive screening tests are designed to detect disease in otherwise healthy people who exhibit none of the outward symptoms of disease. This is important, because by the time a disease has progressed to the point where there are symptoms, it can be far more difficult to treat.

Using advanced computed tomography (CT) and special software, Santa Fe Imaging has the technology to help you detect two potentially devastating diseases that are increasingly treatable if detected early: lung cancer and colorectal cancer.

Our CT Lung Screen is a more sensitive test than X-ray, and can detect smaller tumors developing in the lungs. A major study of heavy smokers, known as the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST), found that a lung CT screening lowered the risk of dying from lung cancer. The results suggest that smokers and former smokers can benefit from this test.

Our CT “virtual” colonography is a popular alternative to conventional colonoscopy. The test requires only a light prep, and is far less invasive than the conventional test. In addition, CT colonography can visualize areas of the colon where the conventional scope may not be able to reach.

At this time, the CT Lung Screen is not covered by insurance. However, as this exam is recommended for smokers and former smokers over 55 by both the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association, we offer it to patients at the heavily discounted price of $199.