CT Lung Cancer Screening

Low-dose CT lung cancer screening is a quick, low-radiation exam for current and former smokers designed to detect cancer at an earlier, more treatable stage. With early detection, the survival rate for this disease is considerably higher. Research shows that CT lung cancer screening may reduce lung cancer deaths by 20% for heavy smokers.

Is CT Lung Cancer Screening Right for You?

The American Lung Association recommends screenings for current or former smokers age 55–80 with a smoking history of 30 or more “pack years”—meaning an average of one pack per day for 30 years, two packs per day for 15 years, etc. Your doctor may also recommend a screening based on your specific medical history.

At Santa Fe Imaging, we understand that some doctors and patients may be concerned about the radiation dose received during such a screening test. That is why we use special dose-reduction processes and technologies to limit radiation exposure during CT scans.

Like most screenings, there is a risk of false positives or other concerns, which may require physician follow-up. This test requires a physician order prior to scheduling. Regarding insurance coverage: If you are 55-80 years old and have private insurance or 55-77 years old and have Medicare, and meet the other high-risk criteria listed, the initial scan will be covered without cost to you.

Know Your Risk

National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guide for Patients

Why Choose Santa Fe Imaging

  • Our new GE Optima CT660 is a true 64-slice scanner, which provides exceptional anatomical detail with shorter scan times and less radiation
  • Our CT Lung Cancer screening protocol is low-dose, per ACR (American College of Radiology) guidelines
  • Our board-certified, sub-specialized radiologists work closely with local board-certified pulmonologists
  • SFI is an ACR-accredited Center of Excellence